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Spia Connect Backdoor

Remote Connections

Spia Connect Backdoor
Spia Connect Backdoor
Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 / Server
(32/64 bits)

The Spia Connect is an application whose aim is to connect to remote computers.

Spia Connect Backdoor Features Spia Connect:

Spia Connect Backdoor  Spia Connect - Setup Installation

Spia Connect Backdoor
It allows install and remove the Spia Connect

Spia Connect Backdoor  Spia Connect - Self installer

Spia Connect Backdoor
Screen for the generation of self-installer and also to send the information of
    IP/Host and port
In the event of a change of IP/Host, simply inform the current IP/Host and port
    then click on: "Send"
The remote computer when disconnected will read in the e-mail account's server
    POP information sent to IP/Host and port and try to connect
In the case above, when the remote computer is offline, try to read every
    10 seconds in my.account@gmail.com account to see if there is
    information and if successful, will try to connect to the
    IP/Host and port informed by email
Allows you to set a deadline for self-uninstall the Spia connect
Option to enable debugging in case of a fault in the installation
It allows the selection of an icon for the executable

Spia Connect Backdoor  Spia Connect - Administration Panel

Spia Connect Backdoor
Tools for view licenses used, request and insert the license key

Spia Connect Backdoor
Option for online support via chat
Option to check and update the latest release automatically

Spia Connect Backdoor
Screen to open and close the connection, as well as changing the port at any time.
Displays and interact with connected computers.
Just click on the selected computer to operate in their drives, folders and files
It allows the request of the screen in real time of the connected computer
It has an add-on that allows operate the connected computer by mouse and keyboard
It allows listen and record the microphone sound of the connected computer
It allows view the clipboard text
It allows to request the list of processes on the connected computer and you can
    also terminate processes on the screen of this request
Lets send a message to the selected computer
Allows disconnecting the selected computer
Allows restart or shutdown the selected computer
Allows you uninstall the Spia connect on the selected computer

Spia Connect Backdoor  Spia Connect - Connection

Spia Connect Backdoor
Screen to interact with the computer connected
Allows you to download files from connected computer to the Host
It allows the upload files from the host to connected computer
It allows the deletion of files and folders
It allows the execution of files on the connected computer
You can send an executable, photo, PDF, etc ... and then run in the
    remote computer

The trial version expires after 30 calls to the panel for viewing and operations in
    connected computers
Full version with 2 licenses
$ 83.30 / year
Perfect Money
Additional license
$ 33.30 / year
Perfect Money
Unlimited license
$ 1,250.00
Perfect Money
Annual rate of continuity for unlimited license: 25%


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